Ebo the Multitasking Surveillance Robot

Robots these days come in various shapes and sizes, they perform differing tasks based on their specifications

Some are just fun play toys and some are the real deal which can be used in real workforce and they can be pretty heavy duty

Some of them are created to outperform human beings both physically and mentally as they have Artificial Intelligence backed by some serious high performance Computers

Ebo Robot is one that is a low to medium spec in the spectrum of Robots, it is efficient in the task that its created for

Primarily Ebo acts as a fully moving(or should i say rolling) surveillance robot, but its also multitasking in that it can also be a good buddy for your pet,

The best part about the Ebo is that it becomes your eyes when you are not home, you can literally access these eyes while being in any part of the world because the Ebo connects to your home wifi and then becomes accessible privately and securely(fully encrypted) through your app

It also has an onboard speaker, which allows you to talk through it, so this it becomes a possibility for you to talk with your pet or your family when you are away by looking at them and following them around

It will be a great asset especially of you have elderly at home, you can visually monitor their welfare

Works great as a general surveillance camera, you can set it to conduct random patrols of the house through the day/night and record in 1080p of the status qou of the surroundings, also detects any abnormal movements etc, all while being collision free.

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